Winter Tires and Rims on P3D fitment issues

The Model 3 Performance has slightly different calipers than the standard Model 3 which can lead to issues with aftermarket wheel fitment.

One owner had ordered 18″ Touren TR9 wheels from PCM and had them wrapped with Michelin XIce3 tires in 235/45-18, but the rear wheels rubbed on the calipers.

There have been reports of people filing down the rear calipers ever-so-slightly where they rub to make them fit (citation needed).

The picture above is of an ET35 18×8.5 Dekagram wheel fitted to a P3D+ (source: Tesla Motors Club)

This is a picture of the 18″ Aero wheels on the rear of a P3D – there is less than 1mm of clearance between the red performance brake caliper and the aero 18″ wheel.

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