Will ‘x’ Fit in a Tesla Model 3?

Will tall people fit in the Model 3?

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Will a set of winter tires fit in the Model 3?

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Will a toilet fit in a Tesla Model 3?

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Will 20 bags of mulch fit in the Tesla model 3?

“Cargo capacity per the manual is 924 lbs. Subtracting me brings it down to 749. Mulch bags are 40 lbs each or 600 lbs for 15. This leaves 149 lbs unused.

Technically the trunk space cover says not to exceed 130 lbs directly on it but I didn’t have any issues. I also pushed the bags forward some to avoid full weight of them on the lid.”

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Will a 65″ TV fit inside the Tesla model 3?

Will 700 sq ft of laminate flooring fit in a Tesla model 3?

Will an Ikea king side bed fit inside a Tesla model 3?

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How many banana boxes fit in the Tesla model 3?


How much KFC will fit in the Tesla Model 3 frunk?

In case you’ve ever wondered, 40 pieces of chicken, 6 sides, and 18 biscuits easily fit in the Model 3’s frunk. Apparently, the smell didn’t get into the cabin at all. src

Will an appliance fit on a Model 3 roof rack?

The photographer says this Model 3 owner had a glassy look in his eyes like an “oh no what have I done but now I need to finish it” sort of look source

Will a ladder fit in the Model 3?

The biggest problem is a lack of a tiedown point. The rope goes between the item being held down and the license plate. src

Will a wheelchair fit in a Model 3?

Wheelchair with wheels removed fits in the trunk of the Model 3 src

Will a cello fit in the Model 3?

Yes it does! It barely fits in the trunk without needing to fold down any seats.


Will 3 adults fit in the rear seat of a Model 3?

Will 3 car seats fit in the back seat of a Tesla Model 3?

Reddit user BSCodes fit 3 car seats in the rear of his Model 3. The seats he had (from left to right) are a Britax, Evenflo convertible, and Graco rear facing with a separate base. src

Another Reddit user, Tkoboldt, uses “Diono Radian x2 with Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat in the middle”

clunkclunk has three Diono Radian R100s. 2 rear facing ones are on the outside of the car, and the center seat is forward facing. It’s a tight squeeze, but they all fit:

mrdavisclothing uses 3 Diono Radian RXTs and they all fit forward facing in the back seat of the Model 3

Will a stroller fit in the Model 3 frunk?

It depends on the stroller of course, but yes it will. In fact, some strollers, like the Pockit Lightweight Stroller, will actually fit 2 of them in the frunk. src

Will a bike fit inside the Tesla Model 3 trunk?

Depending on how wide your handlebars are, you may or may not be able to rotate the handlebars vertical enough to allow the wheel to flatten out and close. Road bikes typically have narrower handlebars than mountain bikes making for an easier fit.

With the front wheel off, however, there is still enough space with the 60/40 rear seat split to allow for a rear passenger with a mountain bike in the trunk.

Will a beer keg fit in the Model 3?

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