Will tall people fit in the Model 3?

It’s a question tall people seem to ask of every vehicle that comes to market – will I fit, and will I be comfortable?

Here is an archive of comments by different people, organized by their height.

6’2″ tall in a Model 3

“I’m 6’2” and don’t feel cramped at all in any [front or rear] seat.” src

“6’2″ checking in. With a rear facing seat it’s not the most comfortable thing, although once this kid can go forward facing there will be more than enough room.” src

“I’m 6’2 and 275 pounds and i fit in just fine.” src

“i’m 6’2” and i can wear a hat that adds 3-4” no problem.” src

Model 3 legroom for 6’3″ tall

“Im 6’3″ and I have a model 3 and have driven the X and S. the X has great head room if you can afford it. I still like the way the interior is designed and the headroom on the 3 better than the S. Pleanty of space in the 3.” src

” I’m 6’3” and no issues ” src

6’4″ Tall Person in Tesla Model 3

“6’4″ checking in. Can confirm” that it has plenty of room src

” 6’4″ 250lbs, had zero issue on an all-day drive. Much better than 99% of the sedans I’ve sat in” src

“6’4″ here and I can actually adjust my seat to the point where it’s hard for my feet to reach the peddles.” src

“At 6’4 & 290lbs I have no problem at all getting into the model 3.” src

“I can only add that at 6’4″ with a long torso, I needed about 2″ more headroom in the back seat.” src

“I’m 6’4″ Finally sat in a co-worker’s 3 last week. The fit was great! I was concerned about visibility at the 12 o’clock where the solid roof panel crosses, and it looks like I won’t have to slouch to see overhead traffic lights.” src

“I’m 6’4″ been driving my Model 3 for a month. No problems. It’s easier to get in and out of then my Model S.” src

“The Model 3 is actually better than the S when it comes to fitting my 6’-4” 210 lb, 36” inseam frame in comfortably, and I am in heaven.” src

“I’m 6’4″, 220 lbs., and fit nicely into our new Model 3” src

Tesla Model 3 for 6’5″ tall person

“I’m 6’5″ and find it has plenty of room. I don’t even keep the seat as far back as it can go” src

“Even without child seats the driver does not have enough legroom. There’s no way to stretch out your legs, and just over the course of the test drive my leg felt cramped like being in a United Airlines seat. My wife actually has longer legs than me (36 length) and felt cramped on either side with the seats all the way back. When we sat in the back row, our heads were about an inch under the roof. Going over even the slightest bump would bang our head against the rooftop.” src

“I’m about 6’5″ and don’t have any problem” src

“I’m 6’5″ 275lbs and have no issue sitting comfortable did a 1400 mile drive in 26-30hrs and still was fine” src

“I’m also 6’5 and from sitting in the model 3 in Vancouver I was very comfortable.” src

“A friend of mine who is 6’5” also had no issue in the driver seat. Nowhere near the glass roof. That being said when my 6’5” friend sat in the back seat he said he had to slouch a bit to not have his head touching the roof.” src

“I’m 6’5” and I have a car seat in the back seat and it works for us” src

“I am 6’5″ and 230 lbs with fairly broad shoulders. I fit decently in a 3.” src

Tesla Model 3 headroom test with 6’7″ tall

“6’7 and no problem here. Way better than my accord, which was better than any other ICE sedan I test drove” src

“I’m 6’7” and I find the 3 to be very comfortable and do not have the seat all the way back (do have it all the way down however).” src

6’8″ in Tesla Model 3

“It doesn’t work for someone who is 6’8”.” src

“6’8″ 205 pounds, fit great in model S and X, Today sat in 3 for first time, excellent tons of leg and head room. AAAAA” src

Tesla Model 3 for 6’9″ tall person

“I’m a new owner of a Model 3 as of last week. 6’9″, 320lbs…and love it. Lots of head room! Ironically, I don’t fit in the X or S, the supporting beam across the roof on both was above my head, but on the 3 it is about a 1′ back…so lots of head room for me” src

7′ Tall fits in Tesla Model 3

” Can I get my legs, especially my right knee in the vehicle without hitting anything and giving my hands enough freedom around the wheel? Yes. Can the steering wheel adjust enough to be comfortable? Yes. Is there enough rear seat room for the now-larger kids? Yes (I brought my 6’1″ son to make sure). But does the seat go back enough that I’m ok with the angle of my knee compared to the CTS? No.” src

7’2″ in Tesla Model 3

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