Track Ready Model 3 with Mountain Pass Performance Coilovers Review

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Mountain Pass Performance Sports Coilovers
Mountain Pass Performance Arastradero Rear Camber Arms
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Mountain Pass Performance Front Brake Rotors
Mountain Pass Performance Rear Brake Rotors
Mountain Pass Performance Stainless Steel Brake lines

BR Racing is a one stop shop for performance needs in California. They typically deal with BMW , Mercedes and Porsche vehicles, but they look like they are starting to move into the EV World. They recently started upgrading a Tesla Model 3 Performance model to make it ready for the track.

We’re in the midst of a major shift / change in the automotive world […] due to the changes in technology, battery development, we are seeing the shift to Battery Electric Vehicles. The leader in this shift, for the most part, has been Tesla

BRR Performance

After driving the different Tesla models on the track, BR Racing knows that the Model 3 has amazing acceleration, re-gen braking, and a low center of gravity, but that it would benefit greatly from improved brakes, suspension, and tires.

Here’s the BRRacing Tesla Model 3 with upgraded suspension and brakes installed

For their track-ready Model 3 build, they started with the suspension by getting the Sports Coilovers from Mountain Pass Performance. They also went with MPP Arastradero rear camber arms and MPP arastradero rear toe arms – both are fully adjustable to fine-tune in your settings for next Model 3 track day.

The coilover kit comes with KW Suspension shocks and coils, which Mountain Pass says were developed jointly between the two companies.

BRRacing noticed that these custom designed dual adjustable shocks and upgrades springs actually increase the wheel travel available, while at the same time lowering the Model 3 for increased handling.

The new coilovers are installed on the Model 3

Once the lowering springs were in place, BRRacing added the adjustable camber and toe arms – which are fully adjustable and larger and stronger than the stock pieces.

The results of the suspension upgrades are quite stunning. The car actually rides better even for normal daily driving, but now is completely composed on the track. It lets you drive deep, drive hard, confidence inspiring.


After the suspension upgrades, they went on to upgrade the braking system as well.

brakes are not designed to take repeated abuse, nor be able to achieve the braking output that is needed when driving on the track […] the Tesla will even produce warnings letting you know that the brakes are being abused and are over heating.

The brakes they chose are 2-piece floating rotor GiroDisc brakes that will cool better and weigh about 2 pounds less than stock for each rotor!

Brembo now makes a traditional “Big Brake Kit” for the Tesla…but we have not found this a necessary upgrade if you have the Tesla Performance brakes installed.

BRRacing’s Tesla Model 3 with MPP 2-piece rotors installed

In addition to the Model 3’s lightweight brake rotors, BRRacing also installed Page Mill Stainless steel brake lines for increased safety and pedal feel/consistency.

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