Tesla Model 3 window tint

Tinting your Tesla model 3 keeps some of the suns heat out, preserving your battery power for driving instead of cooling. Plus it looks cool!

Tinting your Tesla model 3 keeps some of the suns heat out, preserving your battery power for driving instead of cooling. Plus it looks cool!

If you need more protection than just tint, check out the Model 3 glass roof sunshade options

One of the most common aftermarket changes people make is adding Tesla Model 3 tint – and the main question is how much should you tint the windows? While it is subjective, depending on local laws, temperature of your climate, and even how good you think your eyesight is for driving at night, here are some of the most common questions and some images of the best window tint for the Model 3.

Model 3 Tint Percentage

When you are thinking of adding tinting Tesla Model 3, consider how dark you want to make the tint. The darker the tint, the lower the percentage as the percentage rating of the tint represents the amount of light it lets through.

For example, 95% tint lets through 95% of light, only blocking 5%. 25% tinting blocks three quarters of the available light and only allows through 25% of the light.

35% Tint

Tinted windows with 35% rating allow 35% of light through. This is typically the legal limit of tint allowed.

On a Tesla Model 3, 35% tint does not appear as dark because of the white interior. This is especially noticeable if you don’t tint the back window on the Model 3 – the light that shines in the back window lights up the whole white interior, making it more visible through the tinted side windows. If you have a black interior on your Model 3, the 35% is very dark looking.

  • I did 35 as well … with the white interior, it looks like no tint at all. would def. go darker next time src
  • Downside of white interior – 35% window tint appears MUCH lighter src
  • 35% sides and back full roof window with black interior. It more than perfect for black interior. src

30% Tint

  • I just had 30% done and wished I had gone lower on the back windows. Also blue with white interior src
  • I went 30% and it looks amazing. I get compliments left and right src
  • 30% window tint on all 4 windows was perfect! src

25% Tint

  • I’d agree with that. I wanted to go 15% all the way around, but could only do it on the rear windows/roof because of state law. I had to make the front windows 25%, and I wish they were just a little bit darker. src

20% Tint

  • I wanted 30 or 35s, my tint guy basically told me I’m gonna get 20 because the white interior is going to bleed out. I’m glad I have the 20% src

5% Tint

  • I did 5% on my windows, and 20% on my back/roof in 1 piece. Highly recommend this if you have white interior and are trying to be as stealth as possible src

Things to Consider

Model 3 Windshield Tint

In most countries, tinting the windshield is illegal. However, most states allow the top 6 inches (or 5 inches in some states) to be tinted a non reflective color.

Some Tesla Model 3 owners are still opting to tint their front windshields slightly – using a 90% or 75% tint (allowing 90% or 75% of the light through).

Another option for the front windshield tint is to use something like Huper Optik ceramic tint instead of a darkening film – it’s supposed to keep the sun’s heat out without making the car illegally dark.

There are some horror stories of people with illegally tinted windows being involved in motor vehicle accidents, and the judge letting the insurance off without paying because the vehicle was in an illegal status that affected the drivers ability to see and drive safely. For that reason, we recommend not tinting the windshield, and just tinting your eyes with sunglasses!

Model 3 Rear Window Tint

Tinting the rear window in a Model 3 has a slight challenge – what do you do with the transition to the factory tinted roof? Some tint shops have installed a single, seamless piece of tint all the way up the rear window and onto the roof. Because the piece of glass is so large, this requires a large roll of tint, and applying the window tint from top to bottom, rather than side to side as is typically done.

“We tinted the whole back and the top looks fine. They did it in a single cut with no seams and it looks factory to me” sziehr on Reddit src

Because the Tesla Model 3 rear window is so large, a typical H shrink pattern causes large fingers at the top and bottom. Instead, rotate the H sideways into a capital I pattern and that causes multiple smaller finger along the sides of the rear window that are easier to shrink. Here is a video that shows the process. This particular tint shop does so many Model 3 vehicles that it made sense to them to buy the piece of glass from Tesla to prepare tint sheets before they had a customer bring their Model 3 into the shop.

If you don’t tint the roof as well, typically the rear window tint will stop at the antenna line which makes the seem only visible from the inside – and that depends on your seating position looking out the back window.

This image from TeslaOwnersOnline shows what the tint line looks like from the inside

Other owners simply opt out of tinting the rear window of the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Roof Tint

The Tesla Model 3 sunroof comes tinted from the factory, and Tesla calls it a “tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection”

Many Model 3 owners opt not to tint it further. If you do decide to tint your glass roof, perhaps a light tint like a 75% or 80% rating will be sufficient for your needs. Or, if you purchase the sun shade, then just close that and skip the tint!

Common questions about tinting the Tesla Model 3

What about ceramic tint film?

Ceramic tint film is the highest quality of tint film – and also the most expensive. It uses a tiny ceramic particle to block up to 50% of the solar heat that enters the windows while still allowing maximum visibility during the day and at nighttime. It also allows maximum functionality for cell phones and GPS systems. In addition, it makes windows highly shatter-proof.

Can you tint the windows on a Tesla Model 3?

Yes! However, Tesla has issued service notices to manufacturers of automobile tint. Sometimes, when tinting the windshield, water is sprayed onto the window to clean and help apply the tint, and the water can drip down onto the Model 3’s computers located below the A pillars. src

In addition, tint applied on the Model 3’s rear window has caused (in some cases) the rear glass to crack – typically when the rear defroster is used. Small cracks in the glass appear directly along the defroster line.

What’s the best window tint for the Model 3?

There isn’t really a best tint – if you are having a shop install the tint, then they may have a preferred brand that they know and are comfortable working with like 3M. It’s best to go with the brand recommended by the installer so that they will honor their warranty. If you are installing the tint yourself, then you can look at the name brands like 3M and a bunch of other no-name brands available online.
Some other reputable brands of window tint are Black Magix, OxGord, and Lexan, and GILA.

To be more technical in the choosing of your tint, any reputed manufacturer should display full solar energy specifications of their window tint including the percentage of solar transmission, reflection, and absorption – including a total solar energy rejected (TSER). Typically, ceramic tints will perform best.

How much does it cost to tint my windows?

The price for tinting depends on the quality and brand of tint used, and of course how many windows you are tinting. It can cost up to $1000 especially if using ceramic tint (RPMTesla charges $799-$999), but if you feel like tackling it yourself, you can DIY tint your Model 3 for a few hundred dollars.

How long does it take to get my Model 3 tinted?

Most reputable tint shops can do the job within 4-6 hours, with some quoting 4-7 hours or 5-8 hours.

How dark can I tint my windows?

Typically, warmer regions allow a higher tint (less light through). These are the most common tint laws by country or state:

  • Illinois State: Tint on the front side and rear side and rear windows must allow more than 35% of light in
  • California: Tint on the front side windows is limited to allowing 70%of light through, but the back side an rear windows allow any level of tinting
  • Florida: must allow 28% of light through the front side windows and 15% of light through the rear side and back windows
  • Hawaii and Oregon: 35% on all side and rear windows
  • Washington State: 24% of light must be allowed to pass through all side and rear windows

In Canada, tint is not allowed on the front side windows except in Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Quebec. Back side windows are allowed any percentage (except Manitoba that limits it to 35%), and rear windows are allowed any peercentage (except Manitoba that limits rear windows to 30%).

Tesla Model 3 Factory Tint

Are the Tesla Model 3 windows tinted? Although it hasn’t been confirmed, people commonly mention that the Model 3 rear side windows are tinted 90% (only blocking 10%) from the factory. The roof is also said to be tinted to 22% according to a meter used by HIP2013 reddit user

Tesla Model 3 Tinted Windows

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