Tesla Model 3 Voice Commands

In Tesla software update 2019.40.50.1, Tesla added lots of new voice commands.

Tesla model 3 German voice commands

For a list of German voice commands, visit this German language Tesla forum: https://tff-forum.de/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=33910&start=20#p874849

Tesla model 3 voice commands in English

TeslaOwnersOnline.com user @littlD has compiled all of the voice commands into this Google spreadsheet

Full list of commands here:

System (Color Background=S/X Only)CommandSimilar CommandsAdditional Description
AppsShow/hide calendar
AppsOpen BrowserOpen/Close Web, Web, Web Browser
AppsShow/hide charging screenShow/Hide Chargingbrings up/hides the charging screen
AppsOpen/Close Easter Eggs
AppsOpen/Close Energy [App]Open/Show Energy Graph
AppsOpen/Close Phone
AppsOpen/Close Toybox
Bug Reporting[File] Bug report [brief description]Responding again with a “Thanks for your Feedback” popup
Bug ReportingReport ErrorResponds with “Thanks for your Feedback”. Saying anything after “Report Error”, command is not recognized
Car ControlsAdjust mirrorsAdjust Driver/left/My Mirror, Adjust right mirror (adjust passenger mirror selects left mirror)
Car ControlsAdjust steering wheel
Car ControlsEject Passenger SeatTurns passenger seat heater to high
Car ControlsEnable/Disable sentry modeKeep Summer Safe, Keep Tesla Safe
Car ControlsFold/Unfold mirrorsOpen/Close Mirrors
Car ControlsLock/unlock doorsLock/Unlock
Car ControlsLock/Unlock WindowsTurn window lock on/off, enable/disable window locksSets window lock on or off
Car ControlsMy butt is coldSurprisingly, “My butt is [too] hot” says it’ll turn down the heat but turns up driver seat heater to highTurns all seat heaters to 3/high
Car ControlsOpen/Close charge port doorOpen Charge Port
Car ControlsOpen/Close InternetTurns on/off WiFi
Car ControlsSet (XXX) Seat Heater to (YYY)Set XXX seat [heat] 1 (2 or 3) baconXXX=[Driver, MY]/Passenger/Rear Left/Rear Middle/Rear Right, YYY=1/2/3 or Low/Medium/High
Car ControlsSet front seats to YYYYYY=1/2/3 or Low/Medium/High
Car ControlsSet rear seats to YYYYYY=1/2/3 or Low/Medium/High
Car ControlsSet wipers [to] auto /1/2/3/4[Turn windshield] wipers (auto/on/off/medium/high)
Car ControlsShow Homelink Settings
Car ControlsShow Wi-Fi [Settings]
Car ControlsShow/Close Backup/Rear Camera
Car ControlsShow/Close Bluetooth
Car ControlsSlow down windshield wipersWipers SlowerDecreases speed by 1
Car ControlsSpeed up wipersWipers FasterIncreases speed by 1
Car ControlsTurn off windshield wipersWipers Off
Car ControlsTurn on windshield wipersWipers OnSets it to 2/4
Car ControlsTurn on/off dome lightsTurn on/off lights, [Turn] dome lights off/onTurn on/off footwell/ambient lights just turns on or off dome lights
Car ControlsTurn on/off all seat heaters
Car ControlsTurn on/off child locks
Car ControlsTurn on/off front defrosterEnable/Disable front defroster
Car ControlsTurn on/off rear defrosterEnable/Disable rear defroster
Car ControlsTurn on/off rear seat heaters
Car ControlsTurn on/off the defoggerDefog the Windshield, Turn on/off front defogger
Car ControlsWarm up my buttTurns the driver seat warmer to high (says it increases, yet also sets to high)
Car ControlsWipers DescreaseReduce wipers by 1
Car ControlsWipers IncreaseIncrease wipers by 1
Car ControlsWipers MaxSets Wipers to 4
Car ControlsWipers MinSets Wipers to 1
Car InfoOpen/Close Owner’s ManualOpen User ManualClose User Manual does something else
Car InfoShow me tire pressures
Car InfoShow TripShow Trip Odometer, Show Trip Card, Show Trip InformationTouching scroll button puts it away
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Autopilot [Settings]Show Autopilot Displays
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Display [Settings]
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Driving [Menu/Settings]
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Lights SettingsJust saying Show Lights turns Dome Lights on
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Locks
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Navigation SettingsJust saying Show Navigation shows the map
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Quick Controls [Settings]
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Safety & Security [Settings]
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Service SettingsJust saying Show Service navigates to “Show Service”
ConfigurationOpen/Close/Show/Hide Software [Version/Settings]
ConfigurationSet dome lights to automatic
Easter EggsHo Ho HoXmas Easter Egg
Easter EggsRainbow RoadRainbow Road Easter Egg, displays dialog explaining how to engage while in Autosteer
FutureCrank It UpRecognized, but not yet implemented (Media)
FutureEnable/Disable Joe ModeThis command is not available yet
FutureI fart in your general directionThis command is not available yet
FutureIncrease/Decrease BrightnessRecognized, but not yet implemented (Car Controls)
FutureMy butt is [too] hotRecognized, but instead of turning down driver seat heat, it sets it to high
FutureOpen trunkRecognized, but not yet implemented (Car Controls)
FutureOpen/close garage [door]/Activate HomelinkRecognized, but not yet implemented (Car Controls)
FutureSet headlights to On/off/parking/AutoRecognized, but not yet implemented (Car Controls)
FutureSave DashcamRecognized, but not yet implemented (Car Controls)
FutureTurn it down/upRecognized, but not yet implemented (Media)
FutureTurn on parking lightsRecognized, but not yet implemented (Car Controls)
GamesPlay Backgammon
Games[Show] EntertainmentOpens Tesla Arcade
HVACAdjust/Move [driver/passenger] air left/right/center/up/downIf you omit bracketed word, it does both
HVACI’m coldincrease temp by 3F
HVACIncrease/Decrease the temperature X degreesEx. Increase the temperature 1 degree
HVACIncrease/Decrease fan speedIncrease/decrease fan speed by 4
HVACMake it coolerToo Hot, Decrease Temperaturedecrease temp by 3F
HVACMake it warmerToo Cold, Increase Temperatureincrease temp by 3F
HVACMy feet are cold/hotTurns on footwell vents
HVACOpen/Close HVAC controls
HVACSet fan to automaticHVAC sets to auto
HVACSet fan to X1 – 10
HVACSet [Driver/Passenger] temperature to XXTemp XX, Change Temperature to XXXX – [Degrees/LO/HIGH], Driver/Passenger works when unsynced
HVACsplit/sync/unsync [Climate]Split, sync, or unsync the temperature control for the driver and front passenger
HVACSync XXX to YYYXXX or YYY can be Driver or Passenger, temperature must be unsynced of course
HVACTo infinity and beyondSet the HVAC to HI, Set Temperature High
HVACTurn off “H” “Vac”Turn off the air, Turn off FanThis disables HVAC
HVACTurn on/off Camp mode
HVACTurn on/off Dog Mode
HVACTurn on/off fan
HVACTurn on/off floor, face level, windshield ventTrevP confirms face level works
HVACTurn on/off recirculateFresh Air, Recirculate
Interior ControlsOpen the glovebox
Interior ControlsShow seat heaters
Interior ControlsShow the odometerShow odometer
Media[Media] Pause/Resume[Stop/Play] Music, Pausing Music, Pause Forward
MediaOpen/Close MusicOpen/Close Media
MediaOpen/Show Hulu
MediaOpen/Show NetFlixPlay NetFlix
MediaOpen/Show YouTube
MediaPlayFollowed by song title, artist, etc
MediaSearch forFollowed by what you want to search
MediaShow mediaShow Entertainment Theatre
MediaSkip Forward/BackwardSkip this songAdvances to next or previous song in playlist
Model S and X OnlyTurn on/off steering wheel heaterCar Controls
NavigationCancel NavigationMute NavigationIf you already have a route loaded up on the screen, it will cancel the route
NavigationDrive toFollowed by address, favorite, etc
Navigation[Let’s] Go Home
NavigationGo to airportWill show a list of airports
Navigation[Let’s] Go to Work
NavigationNavigate toFollowed by address, favorite, etc
NavigationShow Map
NavigationTake me toFollowed by address, favorite, etc
NavigationTurn on/off satellite mode/viewShow satellite view
NavigationTurn on/off Traffic Display/viewTurn on/off the traffic, show traffic
NavigationWhere are the supercharger stationsTesla Superchargers
NavigationZoom in/out on the map
PhoneCallFollowed by contact name on your phone
PhoneOpen phone app
PhoneShow Phone MessagesDisplays call menu, requires a touch to display messages
PhoneShow text message
PhoneText MessageSend a Text Message ToFollowed by contact name on your phone
Web BrowserGo to XX May need to open the browser first, XX is a simple website url, like weather.com or msn.com
Web BrowserGoogle XXXXXXXXLaunches browser, google search whatever you say after “Google”

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