Many Model 3 owners want to customize and have a unique vehicle, and one way to do that is by adding a vinyl wrap.

Vinyl wraps can change the color of your car, protect the paint, and be removed in the future without damaging your Tesla.

How much does it cost to wrap the Tesla Model 3?

Costs vary depending on:

  • location
  • quality of the vinyl, and uniqueness of the color
  • whether or not a ceramic coating is applied

A good estimate is that it can cost between $3500-$5000, with some high end wraps costing up to $8000. If you plan to install the vinyl yourself, the costs are much lower – but prepared to invest a bunch of time!

How long does a vinyl wrap last on a Model 3?

If your Tesla gets lighter use, a high quality vinyl wrap could last up to 7 years or more. If your Model 3 is a daily driver or commuter vehicle, 5 years is about all you can expect from the wrap.

Tesla Model 3 with Vinyl wrap

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