Tesla Model 3 Track tires and wheels

The stock tires perform well for beginner or intermediate skill level drivers, but they don’t hold up well. After a few races, your OEM tires will be all torn up and in need of replacement. So instead, get a track set of wheels and tires and swap them before you head to the track.

I’m currently running in HPDE3. For my skill level, I found the performance of the stock PS4S to be adequate, but they just didn’t hold up well.

destructure00 – TeslaMotorsClub

Things to keep in mind

  • If you want to swap to your race tires before heading to the track, make sure you get street legal tires
  • You’ll want additional negative camber to keep from rolling onto the sidewall of your tire in corners. If you’re not using your entire tread width, then you’re losing grip and wearing your tires unevenly
  • Some wheels will require a 3mm or 4mm spacer to clear the front control arms. If you are upgrading rotors, you can get the extra 3mm without a spacer
  • Depending on the wheel design and the hub sizing, you may want to order a hub centric ring to convert from the 64.1mm Tesla hub size to the size of your wheel’s hub (typically 73.1mm like these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JN0MUG4 ) For more specific details on the Model 3 hub size, see here
  • Aftermarket lug nuts may be necessary

18″ or 19″ wheel for racing Model 3?

In general, it’s best to use the smallest wheels that will fit around the biggest brakes you ever plan on putting on your Tesla. The larger the wheel size, the heavier it will be.

Tire depending, the 18″ has more track tire options, with the 19″ having more autocross/street options, so depending on the tire you choose and your type of racing, that may dictate your wheel size choice.

Apex EC-7 Wheels 18×9.5

Apex EC-7 18×9.5 ET35 Mustang wheels fit the P3D+ wheels, clear the hub clips. You’ll need 3mm or 4mm spacers at the front to clear the spindle. They aren’t hubcentric, so if that concerns you then you’ll need to get hub rings.

MasterC17 used these wheels with 275/40ZR-18 sized Nexen N FERA SUR4G tires as the overall tire diameter is very close to the stock 20″ wheels and tires. src

Apex EC-7 load rating is 1550 lbs

Wheels: Apex Wheels 18×9.5
Tires: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Nexen&tireModel=N+FERA+SUR4G&partnum=74YR8SUR4G
Hub Rings: https://www.walmart.com/ip/A-set-of-aluminium-hub-centric-ring-size-ID-64-1-mm-x-OD-70-4-mm/204496480
Spacers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KTPDKJY/

Tesla Model 3 P3D+ with 18×9.5 Apex EC-7 Mustang Wheels and 275/40ZR-18 Nexen Tires – 3mm spacer needed on front
Tesla Model 3 with 18×9.5 Apex EC-7 Mustang wheels and 265/40 tires – no spacer needed

Enkei Raijin 18×9.5 +35mm

The Enkei Raijin 18×9.5 weighs 21.115 lbs. It will fit the performance brakes with a small amount of grinding needed on the rear caliper. src

Konig Dekagram 18×9.5 +35mm

It bolts up to the P3D and clears the rear caliper without the need for grinding. If you want to run wide tires you’ll need a spacer up front src

Konig Dekagram 18×9.5 weighs 20.59 lbs, 1521 lbs load rating

Available at:
DiscountTire https://www.discounttire.com/buy-wheels/konig-dekagram
Summit Racing https://www.summitracing.com/tx/parts/kng-dk98514355/overview/

Konig Hypergram 18×9.5 wheels

18×9.5, ET35 5×114.3. They are flow forged like the Apex wheels, but almost half the price. Weigh 19.4 lbs – Konig says they won’t clear the performance brakes but destructure00 ordered some and they fit src

Konig Hypergram wheels have a load rating of 1542 lbs.

Tesla Model 3 with performance brakes and 18×9.5 Kong Hypergram wheels src

FastWheels FC04 19×9.5 +35

Measured at 21.2 lb. Made in Canada.

19×9.5 Wheels

Konig Ampliform 19×9.5 wheels

Wheels weigh 22 pounds. Wrapped with Potenza RE71R 235/40 R19 tires, they are lighter than the stock, but look a little funny. They still performed well at the track and were lighter and cheaper than the more popular 265/35 size. src

19×10 Wheels

Mountain Pass Performance uses Advan RGIII Wheels on their Tesla Model 3 with 275/35 tires. There was slight rubbing at full opposite steering lock while drifting. src

  • Advan RGIII Wheels
  • Front: 19×10 +35
  • Rear: 19×10 +35
  • Bridgestone RE71R Tires
  • Front: 275/35/19
  • Rear: 275/35/19

Tesla Model 3 Track Tire Choices


It’s a great tire, but some say that it wears fairly quickly. Great dry grip, and allowed in autocross. Similar in performance to BFG Rival S.

Nitto NT01

A street legal, hard R-comp tire. Known for lasting a long time, similar dry grip to the RE71. Similar to Maxxis RC1

Hancook RS3 or RS4

200tw like the RE71 but lasts as long as the NT01. It has a bit less dry grip than both, but is a decent compromise.

Falken 615k+

Used by lots of crapcan drivers because it has decent grip, lasts a long time, and is cheap

Nexen SUR4G

275/40-18 fits on the front and rear with Konig Dekagrams 18×9.5 +35, 3mm spacer used up front but “i don’t think is even totally necessary”

Tesla Model 3 Track Tire Sizes

“The standard tire once you upgrade your wheels seems to be the 265/35/20 … At a recent track day, there was another Tesla 3 running 300 width, full slick, Michelin’s. So, you can go bigger” BRRacing

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