Tesla Model 3 manually saving video causes 60 second gap in footage

When pressing the manual save button, part of the video footage from the TeslaCam will be missing. This seems to be a software bug that has been reported to Tesla src

Reddit user Joking_Phantom did some testing, including pressing the record button multiple times and checking what camera data was missing. The Model 3 owner even attempted to do data recovery on the USB stick but the footage just doesn’t seem to be there.

It appears to discard footage from the beginning of the minute, up until the button press.
e.x. If I press the button at 04:20:25, then the video between 04:20:00 and 04:20:25 is not present, but the data from 04:20:25 to 04:21:00 will be saved in the relevant files.


There is also a script on GitHub to help recover lost video clips

Currently Teslas only leave the last hour of recent footage on their thumbdrives. However, footage from farther back is easily accessible using basic data recovery techniques.

This repo contains a short script that will scan your entire FAT32 USB drive for MP4s that have been deleted and copies them to a directory for viewing.

Warning: This is not meant to be a fool-proof guide. This is oriented towards the technically minded with some familiarity with Python and filesystems.

GitHub: TeslaCam Recovery Script

How to safely record and save TeslaCam footage

In order to avoid losing important footage, here are some tips:

  1. Wait at least a minute before pushing the ‘save’ button to ensure you are in a new minute and won’t lose any of the important video
  2. Eject the USB device properly from the car. Don’t just pull out the USB stick, it will corrupt the files. Instead, press and hold down the camera icon with the red dot until a white pulse pops up, and then you can remove the drive safely.
  3. Instead of a USB stick, you could use an SD card

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