Tesla Model 3 Insurance Repair Costs

This page is to serve as a quick reference for repair costs on the Tesla Model 3 after accident damages.

Cost to repair 10mph rear end collision

After rear ending someone at about 10mph, insurance estimator’s first estimate was $1600. Once they got working on it, the front bumper, frunk insert, support arm behind the frunk and passenger side panel cost $7500 to replace/repair. src

Front end collision and curtain airbags deployed

Initial estimates for the repair on this red Model 3 were $15000, but that’s likely just for the visible issues. Once pieces start getting removed, the cost will be increased as hidden pieces are likely damaged too. src

Tesla Model 3 Rear-ended at stoplight

Initial cost estimate was for $22,000, but the insurance company decided to total the vehicle. Tesla was rear ended by a Chevy Equinox. src

Here is a video of the collision from the Tesla Model 3’s cameras

Tesla Model 3 rear bumper damage

Estimated repair costs of $700 to $1200 for minor rear-ender.

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    1. The Martian Wheels website states they weigh 17.5 lbs – 19.0 lbs depending on the width. They list the widths as 7.5″,8.5″ and 9.5″. To us, that means the 7.5″ weighs 17.5 lbs, the 9.5″ weighs 19 lbs, and the 8.5″ width is somewhere in the middle.

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