Some Tesla Model 3 P3D owners have been disappointed by real world ranges. Energy usage is around 350 – 360 wh/mi. The EPA range isn’t being met, and there are lengthy discussions about what that might be caused by here

Factors affecting P3D range

  • the dual motor setup is less energy efficient than the RWD car (but of course allows for quicker acceleration)
  • Larger wheels cause more energy loss when compared to the 18 inch aero wheels (that aren’t available on the P3D)
  • driving at a specific, controlled speed like 60 (rather than the typical freeway speeds of 75-80)
  • EPA tests were likely done with a 100% charged battery, although Tesla advises not to repeatedly charge to full capacity if not necessary
  • different regen settings can affect range – there is a ‘low’ regen setting which means you are recapturing less energy when you slow down
  • climate control usage can affect your range. If the A/C or heater is running too much, it will use up extra energy
  • hills will affect your range also

Range Research and Efficiency Details

For an in-depth comparison of speed vs range vs efficiency, check out this blog post that compiled data from 233 cars and graphed it out

They found that:

  • Tesla P3D: 173 Wh/km at 110 km/h (267 Wh/mile at 65 mph)
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range, mostly RWD: 150 Wh/km at 110 km/h (232 Wh/mile at 65 mph)
  • P3D consumes about 15% more than the RWD version at highway speeds. This is expected, or actually somewhat low – most P3Ds run on 20″ sports wheels instead of 18″ Aeros, and perhaps more importantly, P3Ds may be driven more like performance cars by their drivers.

Improving Efficiency of P3D+

TeslaMotorsClub member mcbarnet007 used a unique wheel combination to increase the efficiency of his Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual+

20×9 +35 offset with Pilot Sports 4S (stock 20″ tire inflated to 42 psi)
Averages 285 ~ 290 wh/mi on my mostly highway commute at 60 ~ 65 mph

Front: Stock aero wheels with 5mm spacer to match +35 offset in the rear. Stock tire at 45 psi
Rear: Konig Ultraform 18×8.5 +35 with stock tire at 45 psi. Wheel weights around 19lb.
Same commute route averages 235 ~ 240 wh/mi

Aero wheels in the front, Konig Ultraform in the rear

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