Tesla Model 3 ‘Close Console Lid Gently’ Error

When the center console is opened and closed rapidly, an error message displays on the center screen that says “Close console lid gently”.

Since the console is a push to open design, if you push down on the console to latch it closed, it actually pops right open again. This is a similar result to if you slam the lid shut and it bounces open, which is likely why the warning message is triggered on the Model 3 display.

Here is a video of a Tesla Model 3 owner triggering the warning, as well as how to gently close the console lid

How does the Model 3 know that the console is opened and closed rapidly?

Some owners speculate that there is an infrared sensor in the console or near the console, but it’s likely the rearward facing internal camera.

Another idea is that there is something tied into the circuit that toggles the light on in the console, and by using that sensor the Model 3 knows if the lid is open or closed.

1 thought on “Tesla Model 3 ‘Close Console Lid Gently’ Error

  1. I had this error show up, and thanks for explaining what it means and how it’s not really a big deal!

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