Tesla Model 3 charging best practice

The battery pack in the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most advanced batteries in the world, and has an equally advanced software system to manage it. The Model 3 manual is packed full of information and advice on how to charge the battery pack when using or storing your EV, and how to maintain the capacity of your battery pack for the long haul.

What state of charge is best for battery longevity?

In 2018, Elon Musk responded that there is no point in charging to a nightly state-of-charge below 80%. Even charging up to 90% daily isn’t a problem. As far as the bottom range of state of charge, Elon said there are no issues going to 5% or lower.

In response to that tweet, Professor Jeff Dahn says that 70% SoC is best, and Elon commented that that is correct, but the relative benefit is small. Elon went on to recommend 10% more SoC for convenience.

How to re-balance the battery cells in the Tesla Model 3?

The battery capacity of the Model 3 is limited to the capacity of the weakest module. If the cells become unbalanced, then the battery pack is limited to those cells with less capacity.

A Tesla Service center told LikeTesla’s Kim to rebalance battery cells by:

  1. Charge to 90% nightly, and leave it plugged in after reaching 90%. Range should increase within several weeks.
  2. If unsuccessful, charge to 100% and leave plugged in until charging stops.
  3. Drive down to under 10% and repeat 100% charge 2-3 times until full recalibration occurs.

If that doesn’t help, and your GOM is still showing a substantially lower range than it should, the service center can do a hard reset to resolve it.

What to do during storage of your Model 3

The Model 3 manual says this:

Model 3 has one of the most sophisticated battery systems in the world. The most important way to preserve the Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PLUGGED IN when you are not using it. This is particularly important if you are not planning to drive your Model 3 for several weeks. When plugged in, Model 3 wakes up when needed to automatically maintain a charge level that maximizes the lifetime of the Battery.

Charging tips for Tesla Model 3

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