Tesla Garage Customizations

After owning a Tesla Model 3, many owners decide to customize their vehicle – and others even decide to customize their garage and parking space.

The go-to Tesla-red color seems to be Benjamin Moore ‘Neon Red’

Here is a round-up of garage modifications that let your Tesla Model 3 recharge and sleep in cozy comfort.

src: Imgur via Reddit
src: Imgur with before and after photos
Src: Reddit
Tesla Red paint color used is Benjamin Moore Neon Red and whole gallon was used. The Tesla Vinyl logo was from Etsy
This Tesla Garage photo from Twitter has a red stripe and an EVSE charger that hangs down from the ceiling

This Tesla Garage features a back lit Tesla logo on a red wall:

This garage with 2 Teslas needed 2 chargers that weren’t in the way source
This garage is for a Model X on the left and the Model 3 on the right source
To save time, another option is red Tesla letters on a white wall src
This Tesla Garage even has color matching floor tiles, and Tesla models on shelves on the walls src
“All I did was grab $25 worth of red exterior paint and got the signs off Etsy.” Source

More Model 3s in their customized Tesla garage parking spaces

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