Unplugged Performance Ascension Carbon Fiber Rear Wing by Voltex


The Unplugged Performance Ascension-R rear wing has been developed in CFD for maximum rear downforce in a tasteful and Model 3 specific design.

The wing is dimensionally appropriate for a street driven car, but creates significant rear downforce for racing applications. Rear visibility is not impaired at all after installation as it cannot be seen in the rearview mirror.

Voltex Suzuka, the world leader in racing wings and aerodynamics. Keeping with Unplugged Performance’s history, we tap the world’s leaders in engineering and manufacturing to partner with our products and so it is no surprise Voltex was selected to produce the wing. Voltex aerodynamic carbon fiber parts are found on the world’s top time attack cars.

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Installation Notes

This rear wing requires drilling to the trunk for installation. For those concerned with resale value after drilling into the factory trunk, spare trunks can frequently be found for near $500 on ebay or even new from Tesla. If concerned with resale value, this wing could be sold with included trunk in exchange for a factory trunk as another option.

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