RB Big Rotor Kit Retrofit 6-pot Camaro/Cadillac Performance Calipers


This kit includes 2 lightweight rotors for the front of your Tesla Model 3, as well as the best street pads for Tesla and mounting bolts. All you need is the 6-pot calipers off of the Cadillac CTS-V or Camaro ZL1.

This BBK rotor kit is exclusively developed by RB to retrofit Model 3 (Standard and Perf. model) to Cadillac CTS-V V2 (or Camaro G5 ZL1) 6 pot calipers, allowing you to upgrade to 370x34mm (vs. Model 3’s 320×25 and 355x25mm rotors with 4pot calipers) heavy duty rotor at the same time.

The kit includes: (Calipers are not included)

  • 2 ea – RB 2pc light wt rotors
  • 1 set – RB XT910 brake pads (best street pads for Tesla)
  • 4 ea – M14x2.0 caliper bolts (brand new)

We have done all the hard work for you to make this rotor kit a true “bolt on” installation, however due to the GM 6 pot caliper has M14 mounting bolts (vs. M3’s M12) so you will have to enlarge the spindle bolt holes to 14mm in order to install the calipers. This is the only required modification involved.

Be careful not to mis-order 4-pot calipers which are for earlier CTS-V version (=Same as model S front calipers)

Note this modification process is non-reversible, in order words you can not revert back to 12mm holes once modified.

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