Martian Wheels MW03 18×8.5 +28


28mm offset, suitable for Tesla Model 3 RWD, Tesla Model 3 AWD and Tesla Model 3 Performance. 64.1mm center bore so no hub rings needed

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17.9 lbs


Lifetime Structural Warranty

Compatible with:

Performance Brakes


From the manufacturer: 18×8.5″ +28 – The same width as stock, but much lighter. Improve your Model 3’s acceleration, braking and cornering ability by reducing unsprung weight (weight of components not held up by the suspension). This has the added benefit of allowing the suspension to work more effectively at absorbing bumps and keeping the tires in optimal contact with the road. This size puts the wheel 7mm outward (vs. stock wheels) and is legal for SCCA street autocross classes as well.

Ideal Tire Sizes:

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