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From Tesla Owners Online, forum member and Tesla Model 3 owner DFWatt posted an indepth review of the Mountain Pass Performance Sports Coilovers.

Just want to thank you guys and post a few pictures and observations about the sports coilover kit. Needless to say, it was a long wait but it was worth it. […]
This is a great kit for people who like tweaking their cars even if they don’t want to track them[…]
The MPP Sports coilover kit means that you can go pretty much from stock firmness to track hard settings relatively easily. Even set pretty soft (12/10) the car handles like it’s on rails, and dialing up more firmness just increases the sense of ‘lockdown’ tracking


Ride Height

After adjusting it to the desired ride height, a little over an inch lower than stock on the front and rear axles, here are his impressions on the Model 3 lowering kit.

He calls the kit extremely high quality overall, saying it is higher quality than any other lowering kits he has seen.

On the positive side, the MountainPass Performance lowering coilover kit has a very large range of height and shock rebound and compression adjustments. After first installing the kit, Dfwatt noticed the suggested stock ride height setting actually resulted in the Model 3 appearing to be jacked up relative to the stock height [perhaps the springs need to settle and adjust for a while]. After lowering the suspension almost to the lowest setting, the M3’s ride height is about 1.25 inches lower than stock.

At this setting, there is approximately -0.8 degrees negative camber in the front. In conjunction with their aluminum rear camber arms, Dfwatt was able to achieve -1.5 degrees camber in the rear.

Suspension Noise

After installing, there was one spring ‘sprong’ noise, and after that all was silent and there is no suspension noise.

Dfwatt reports that there is “absolutely no increase in small grainy road noise or road harshness and vibration.” In fact, he goes on to say that it may even be quieter than stock, but attributes that to the possible placebo affect because he loves the kit so much.

Ride Control

There is noticeably less roll when cornering, and also less weight shift front to rear when braking and accellerating, all without loss of ride comfort. After initially setting it to the recommended 12 compression and 10 rebound setting, Dfwatt adjusted it to 10/8 which now feels “super firm” and wouldn’t recommend going any lower for street driving.

Company Support

Dfwatt adds that the support from MountainPass Performance was excellent when communicating with them about any questions or issues.

Suggested Improvements

In wrapping up the Model 3 lowering springs review, Dfwatt mentions the following ‘cons’ to the sports coilover kit:

  1. the kit isn’t cheap, but it’s a “good to great” value
  2. long wait times due to KW and the manufacturing process
  3. Adjusting the suspension is a “little bit of a chore” requiring the Model 3 to be jacked up to get access , and take off the frunk cover

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