Model 3 Undercarriage Composite Tray problems

This article is for the underbody aero-shields. Looking for information on the lower side panels coming unclipped?

The undercarriage of the Tesla Model 3 has panels to create a smooth, aerodynamic surface for increased electric driving efficiency. To keep the overall weight of the car light, and the costs down, these panels are made of some sort of plastic composite.

Water, Ice and Snow

There are issues with these panels – if water or snow, or water that freezes into ice, is trapped up there, the extra weight can cause the composite panel trays to rip when driving.

This is a picture of the composite tray near the passenger side front tire. It’s full of heavy ice and has started to rip src

Dirt and Rocks

This Tesla Model 3 owner drives on gravel roads often. In this YouTube video, he outlines the steps he takes to remove about 15 pounds of dirt from his Model 3 rear bumper and aero shield.

Fixing and Replacement

According to one Model 3 owner, the “M3 front aero LWRT” part cost $209 including tax and labor to replace. src

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  1. Why would I be charged for this. Two weeks ago it was bad cold rain and snow and it happenedto me. The car is 3 months old.

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