Model 3 Trunk Gasket Fix

During assembly, the trunk seal/gasket on the Tesla Model 3 is sometimes installed incorrectly, or incompletely.

Issues with the rear trunk gasket can include:

  • water getting into the trunk during rain or when washing your Model 3
  • the rear plastic trim panel not staying in place src

If you are having trunk problems you can request a mobile service appointment through the app, or you can check and adjust your own trunk gasket.

There seems to be a few different trunk seals used by Tesla over the course of the Model 3 production which has lead to some arguments about how the seal is actually supposed to be positioned. Some service center reps have replaced the trunk seals and tucked the edge in, while others have noted that on new cars at the Tesla Stores have the edges pulled out src

I noticed a gap between the seal and bumper after my bumper was removed, repainted and reinstalled by a Tesla authorized body shop. Pulled out the flange and all is well again.

TeslaMotorsClub member 03DSG

Here is a video showing the rubber seal tucked behind the bumper, and how to move it so that the seal is in the same position all the way around the trunk:

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Seals from the factory look like this – usually

1 thought on “Model 3 Trunk Gasket Fix

  1. i don’t think that outside portion of the seal matter that much as water will not get into the trunk from the that portion. now if the seal is off of its track, then water would get in. I’ve taken off my bumper to modify the car before and like all other cars, behind the bumper is the crash bar and exterior of the car. no location for water to get in. Also, the seal in the video is an update seal that they place on model 3’s starting around 2019. the 2018 model like mine does that have updated seal.

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