Model 3 Dash Wrap or Color Swap

Specific trims and options with the Model 3 can limit your ability to get a dash the color you want. For example, many with the white interior would like to have a woodgrain dash instead of the white one that came with their Model 3.

There are 2 options to change your dash: either swap out the whole piece (by trading with someone, by buying a replacement part etc), or by vinyl wrapping or painting your dash to the color you want.

How to remove the Tesla Model 3 Dash

In this YouTube video, after explaining how to remove the woodgrain dash, he stains it a dark walnut color.

This video shows a Model 3 dash swap – one owner wanted wood grain, the other wanted white, so they met up and swapped!

Tesla Model 3 with Dashboard swap

1 thought on “Model 3 Dash Wrap or Color Swap

  1. I have a Model 3 with a white dash board and would like to swap for a woodgrain dash. Do you know someone I can swap with?

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