Will 4 tires fit in the Tesla Model 3? With the rear seats folded down, 4 wheels and tires will fit.

Tires are dirty (even when brand new), so either take a blanket along, some large garbage bags, or get some tire totes like these from Amazon:


2 tires/wheels fit in the trunk and one fits upright if you remove the shelf src

When hauling tires in the Tesla Model 3, remember not to leave them in the car any longer than you need to. The new tire smell is pretty persistent and may take a long time to get rid of the smell once it soaks into your interior fabrics.

It is also possible to fit 4 – 19″ wheels and 4 unmounted 19″ tires inside, but you’ll need to flip down the rear seats and use the front passenger seat. src

Set of 18″ MXM4s fit easily in the back of the Model 3 if you stack one. src

A set of 4 aero wheels and tires fit across the back seat when standing up. The 19″ sport wheels and tires also fit, and you still have some trunk space if you need it.

Use blankets or something similar to keep them from rolling back and forth when you accelerate and decelerate src

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