For the 2020 Model 3, Tesla stopped including bag hooks in the frunk. There is some debate that the hooks were ever intended to be hooks, or if they were simply covers for the screws. Regardless, people had been using them as grocery bag hooks, and Tesla no longer includes them in the Model 3.

No bag hooks, or bolt covers! at the top of the frunk in 2020 models

Buy the hooks

If you want them, you can order the pre-2020 hooks from Tesla through their service centers. Cost is around US$1.10 each. src

ASY-M3-RBN FRUNK-LH – 1116002-00-C and ASY-M3-RBN FRUNK-RH – 1116003-00-C (parts number 2 and 3 in the diagram below)

Tesla Model 3 Frunk Parts Diagram – Part #2 and 3 are the hooks

$2 I bought frunk hooks from a pre-2020.

XLR82XS TeslaMotorsClub forum source

I went to the Tesla service center parts desk and had them order me a pair. Took two days to come in and it cost me $2.36 for both

brycedb74 TeslaMotorsClub forum

3D Print the hooks

On Thingiverse, there are a couple different options for Model 3 fronk grocery bag clips. They aren’t a direct replacement for the OEM version, but they work.

Tesla Model 3 Frunk Hooks by HappyPEJ
Another Thingiverse option, non-flip out frunk clips

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